Seed Production Contracts

Some of the many benefits of forage crop and turfgrass seed production include:

  • Improved soil quality
  • Reduced soil salinity
  • Improved water infiltration and internal drainage
  • Reduced field weed populations
  • Reduced tillage results in less soil erosion
  • Increased soil fertility when growing a legume
  • Diversifies field operations
  • Spreads risk
  • Requires fewer cash inputs than most grain crops that are produced

Production Species

  • Alfalfa: Easy to establish perennial forage crop that is widely adapted to most prairie soils but will not tolerate areas that have periodic flooding
  • Timothy: Cool season bunch grass, shallow rooted with good flooding tolerance
  • Red Clover (Double Cut): Short-lived perennial, with excellent moisture tolerance and adaptability Alsike Clover: Short-lived perennial with adaptability and a moderate tolerance to alkalinity and flooding Birdsfoot Trefoil: Long-lived perennial legume, prefers somewhat poorly drained areas
  • Hybrid Bromegrass: Long-lived perennial grass with low to moderate tolerance of saline and acidic soils Tall Fescue: Deep rooted, long-lived perennial with excellent adaptability to all soils
  • Perennial Ryegrass: Quick establishing bunch grass with good adaptability

Contract Terms

  • Both fixed and open market pricing is available, depending on the species
  • Freight subsidies, location dependant
  • Interest free financing of Foundation Seed is available