Bentgrass Seed

Agrostis stolonifera L.
Creeping bentgrass is primarity used on golf greens. It recuperates quickly and has high shoot density, making is very adaptable for low mowing. Creeping bentgrass can also be used in mixtures to produce a very dense lawn.

Establishment: 14 to 21 Days
Use with or without bluegrass for sod, lawns, and sports fields from South to North.

  • Ideal for greens, tees and fairways
  • Competitive against Poa
  • Dollar Spot resistance
  • Medium dark green colour

  • Ideal choice for tees and fairways
  • Good spring green up
  • Upright growth
  • Dark green colour

  • Ideal for greens
  • Competitive against Poa
  • High disease resistance
  • Bright, dark, true green colour

  • Rapid germination
  • Rapid establishment
  • Superior Dollar Spot resistance
  • Competes against Poa Annua

  • Superior greens, tees, and fairways
  • Rapid establishment for interseeding
  • Excellent Dollar Spot and Brown Patch Resistance
  • Resistant to Poa annua invasion

  • Superior turf quality
  • Lateral spread for recovery
  • Cold and hot temperature growth
  • Excellent disease resistance

  • Fine leaf texture
  • Higher turf density
  • Great performance on all greens mowing heights
  • Excellent for green, tees and fairways