It All Begins With Research


The Research and Technical Services business unit is responsible for developing top-performing proprietary turfgrass varieties. Turf breeding objectives include color, disease and insect resistance, fine leaf texture, wear tolerance and drought resistance. Technical support is vital to enable the delivery of professional customer service to both distributors and their end-use customers. This support is backed by the interpretation and analysis of extensive regional turfgrass variety trial data.

Turfgrass varietal development is measured by the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP). The NTEP is operated by the USDA in multiple locations in Canada. As one of the leading turfgrass research and development programs in the country, DLF Pickseed has scored consistently well.

Part of this success is attributable to collaborative efforts with industry and institutional (i.e. Rutgers University) research and development programs. In addition to its own variety development programs, DLF Pickseed screens and licenses varieties from these sources. This enables DLF Pickseed to be able to provide its customers a broad and competitive product portfolio, geared to the specific needs and challenges of each customer’s agronomic region.