St. George's Golf & Country Club 

Etobicoke, Ontario 


The Canadian Open returned to internationally renowned St. George's Golf and Country Club in Etobicoke, Ontario. In preparation for the tournament, this Stanley Thompson-designed course has been overseeded with MacKenzie creeping bentgrass.

MacKenzie's growth characteristics provide exceptional density all season long, providing maximum performance under the most extreme conditions. MacKenzie is ideally suited for use in an interseeding program for golf course green improvement. Its high density, aggressive growth and rapid establishment enable MacKenzie to replace existing Poa annua or older bentgrasses.

The excellent growth under cool and hot temperatures and high turf quality make it ideal for greens used for the highest level of golf.

MacKenzie is a multi-use creeping bentgrass; it will tolerate the lowest putting green cutting height but is also excellent for tee and fairway use. It has a medium dark green colour, a fine leaf texture and an overall dense and attractive appearance, even under reduced fertility.  It has been shown to outperform Poa annua in golf course applications.

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