Native Seed for Reclamation Projects: Sorted by Scientific Name

DLF Pickseed offers one of the industry's widest selection of native and adapted grass species whether for reclamation sites, roadsides, slope/erosion control or for aesthetic enhancement. DLF Pickseed provides grasses for every use with expert advice to assure success. Please call our offices before ordering as production and availability of some species may be seasonally limited.

Scientific Name Common Name
achillea millefolium Yarrow
agropyron dasystachyum Wheatgrass, Northern
agropyron dasystachyum var. riparium Wheatgrass, Streambank
agropyron smithii Wheatgrass, Western
agropyron trachycaulum Wheatgrass, Slender
agropyron trachycaulum var. unilaterale Wheatgrass, Awned
agropyron violaceum Wheatgrass, Violet
agrostis gigantea Redtop
agrostis scabra Ticklegrass
andropogon gerardii Bluestem, Big
aster ericoides Aster, Prairie
aster laevis Aster, Smooth
astragalus canadensis Milkvetch, Canada
beckmannia syzigachne Sloughgrass, American
bouteloua curtipendula Side Oats Grama
bouteloua gracilis Blue Grama
bromus anomalus Bromegrass, Nodding
bromus carinatus Bromegrass, Mountain
bromus ciliatus Bromegrass, Fringed
calamagrostis canadensis Bluejoint
calamagrostis stricta Reedgrass, Narrow Leaved
calamovilfa longifolia Prairie Sandreed
carex bebbii Sedge, Bebb's
deschampsia caespitosa Tufted Hairgrass
elymus canadensis Wildrye, Canada
elymus glaucus Wildrye, Smooth
elymus innovatus Wildrye, Hairy
elymus piperi Wildrye, Basin/Giant
epilobium angustifolium Fire Weed
festuca campestris Fescue, Rough Foothills
festuca idahoensis Fescue, Idaho
festuca ovina Fescue, Sheep
festuca saximontana Fescue, Rocky Mountain
gallium boreale Northern Bedstraw
koeleria hacrantha Junegrass
linum perenne L. Flax, Blue
oryzopsis hymenoides Indian Ricegrass
panicum virgatum Switchgrass
papaver nudicaule Poppy, Iceland
petalostermon purpureum Clover, Purple Prairie
phleum alpinum Timothy, Alpine
poa alpina Bluegrass, Alpine
poa compressa Bluegrass, Canada
poa glauca Bluegrass, Tundra
poa juncifolia Bluegrass, Alkali
poa palustrus Bluegrass, Fowl
poa sandbergii Bluegrass, Sandberg
pseudoroegneria spicatum Wheatgrass, Bluebunch
puccinellia distans Alkali Grass, Fults
puccinellia nuttalliana Alkali Grass, Nuttals
schizachyrium scoparium Bluestem, Little
scolochloa festucacea White Top
solidago canadensis Golden Rod
spartina gracilis Alkali Cord Grass
Spartina pectinata Prairie Cordgrass
sporobolus cryptandrus Sand Dropseed
stipa comata Needle and Thread
stipa curtiseta /spicatum Western Porcupine
stipa viridula Green Needlegrass
trisetum spicatum Spike Trisetum
vicia americana Vetch, Hairy
vicia americana Vetch, American