We select ONLY the best hybrids based on
reliability, consistency and performance!

Numerous corn options are available such as Leafy, dual-purpose and high yielding grain corn hybrids. We not only offer conventional hybrids, but hybrids with leading edge corn technologies and seed treatments to protect against above and below ground pests while providing you with numerous herbicide spray options. All of these factors work to reduce your risk and increase your bottom line from your corn crop.

"I am very pleased with DLF Pickseed products! I am able to fill my quota with less cows, due to the improved feed quality and superior yields per acre that DLF Pickseed products provide. I currently grow PS 122-HD (Vision Alfalfa and Echelon Orchardgrass) and Extreme RR Leafy Corn Silage. My local DLF Pickseed agent is always responsive to our needs and is a pleasure to work with." 

Mathiew Forgues
~ Dairy Producer ~ Stormont County