We select ONLY the best hybrids based on
reliability, consistency and performance!

Numerous corn options are available such as Leafy, dual-purpose and high yielding grain corn hybrids. We not only offer conventional hybrids, but hybrids with leading edge corn technologies and seed treatments to protect against above and below ground pests while providing you with numerous herbicide spray options. All of these factors work to reduce your risk and increase your bottom line from your corn crop.


What our valued customers have to say ...

“PS EXEL is consistent, quick maturing, healthy crop, green at the top and drys down the stalk and makes a nice consistent bunk. A big advantage is being able to get into the field a little earlier - a couple hundred heat units makes a big difference. PS EXEL, provides us with more milk per cow due to the high digestibility and feed quality.”

Arjan Haanstra ~ Honeywood Paradise ~ Lakeside, ON