"Every forage producer has different needs, 
           We have the products to meet those needs."

Planting the right conservation mix can protect, preserve and give life back to depleted soils. Conservation mixtures work to conserve the land as nature intended and plowdown mixtures help to build soil quality.

Conservation mixtures are ideal for planting around waterways and ditches to protect from erosion and absorb runoff. Plowdown mixtures add organic matter and taproot penetration will improve soil drainage.

Greenfield Mix
The ideal conservation mixture – a combination of white clover, Feeder perennial ryegrass, Festorina tall fescue, creeping red fescue, chewings fescue, timothy and Kentucky bluegrass. The seeding rate is 20 kg/acre for buffer strips, and 40-50 kg/acre for around ponds and slope stabilization. Ideal for:

  • Planting around milk houses and barnyards, absorbing run off and wash water
  • Planting around waterways and ditches; protects from erosion, maintains original shape and structure
  • Planting along streams and ditch banks as a buffer zone to absorb pesticide and fertilizer

Plowdown Mix
Mixture PS 501 is a combination of alfalfa, double cut red clover and Max tetraploid annual (Italian) ryegrass. This mixture can be seeded with wheat or spring cereals or used on its own. It produces biomass and the alfalfa roots break through the plow layer. The red clover and ryegrass produce an abundant fibrous root mass to return to the soil. Seeding rate is 4-5 kg/acre.