Canadian Seed Growers

We contract our forage seed needs with highly skilled Canadian seed growers, who work closely with our experienced field representatives to ensure our forage crops are of top quality.

Higher Yield

Our top quality forages improve nutritional intake and boost milk or meat production. Choosing better varieties is the best way to maximize your output without increasing your input costs.

Higher Digestibility

Dairy and beef herds perform better when their forage has high cell-wall fibre digestibility and the protein content is high. You get a higher dry matter intake and improved milk production.

Higher Quality

Certified seed of our proprietary varieties will improve establishment from every seed you sow and increase your chances of securing high yield of the desired quality.


ForageMax® is the strongest new line of quality forage grasses and legumes available in North America. Each mix is designed to thrive in the specific region and climate that our distributors and their customers live in. To be included in the ForageMax® program, each variety must demonstrate high performance in palatability, dry matter yield and forage quality.