what our valued customers have to say …

“PS EXEL is consistent, quick maturing, healthy crop, green at the top and drys down the stalk and makes a nice consistent bunk. A big advantage is being able to get into the field a little earlier - a couple hundred heat units makes a big difference. PS EXEL, provides us with more milk per cow due to the high digestibility and feed quality.”

Arjan Haanstra ~ Honeywood Paradise ~ Lakeside, ON

We have been using DLF Pickseed products exclusively for over 40 years. Top seed genetics and agronomic advice! DLF Pickseed is an important part of our farm's success!

Simon Lalande ~ Ferme Blondin ~ St-Placide, QC


In our 40 year relationship with DLF Pickseed (Pickseed) we are confident that every product we buy has the highest quality, yield and disease resistance on the market today, backed by extensive research data."

Shadyway Farms Ltd. ~ Warren, Lorne & David Jibb ~ Sunderland, ON


“Nick, one of the Beyersbergen Brothers, says “Pickseed varieties have treated us well over the years, you cannot stop it from growing and it never disappoints!” John and Marius agree that since they are not milking cows anymore they grow a dual purpose corn. Currently the varieties they grow are PS 2792VT2P RIB and PS 2793GSX RIB. “These varieties give us tons of high energy silage to grow Holstein heifers and beef cattle. As well as dependable yields for grain corn to sell as a cash crop.””

Groenberg Farms Inc. ~ Beyersbergen Bros ~  Lucknow, ON

“I have been a Pickseed customer for 22 years. I have always found Pickseed to provide a reliable product. Although over the years I have not exclusively grown Pickseed for every field, it always remained one of the top performing brands on our farm for corn and forages. Perhaps more importantly, Pickseed appears to listen to their customers and continue to provide a variety of seed options including non-genetically modified hybrids.

Hinzhaven Farms Ltd. ~ Fred Hinz ~   Mitchell, ON

“Pickseed ExTreme RR corn give us copious amounts of forage which is highly digestible. This factor is paramount to producing lots of milk.”

Fisherville Acres Ltd. ~ Scott Fisher ~ Simcoe County, ON

“Vision alfalfa has a softness to it and is has very fast regrowth. We like dealing with Pickseed because of the consistency of their seed. We have found that ExTreme RR gives us high yields, which is important in our dairy operation.”

 Wayne Burton & Scott Sommerville ~ Stayner, ON

“We get high production and profit when we grow Pickseed ExTreme RR Leafy corn. We depend on our Pickseed sales agent to keep us up to date with the latest in forage and corn genetics.”

 Geoff McLean ~ Barrie, ON

“We like Vision alfalfa for its leafiness and fast regrowth. We like Pickseed ExTreme RR for its good feed quality for our dairy herd.”

John & Terry Ploeg ~ Simcoe County, ON

“Vision alfalfa give excellent regrowth! It works for haylage, as well as dry hay due to its fine stem – so it is dual purpose. Because of the fast regrowth, I can count on Vision to supply three cuts when newly seeded and four cuts a year once it’s established. Pickseed’s Vision alfalfa is a perfect fit for my management style and operation.”

Vronernes Dairy ~ John Duif ~ Listowel ON

"We have worked with DLF Pickseed for years, their corn varieties have always produced well for our farm and have allowed us to free up land for other crops. We are currently planting DLF Pickseed's PS 2320 variety and are extremely pleased with its performance."

~ Darren Dittmer ~ Spruce Grove, AB

"I use DLF Pickseed multifoliolate alfalfa and hybrid corn seed on my farm. I'm pleased with the performance and reliability of the yields we get from our pickseed products.  Right from the tonnage the products yield to the support from the staff."

~ Kris Kristjanson ~ Ochre River, MB

"DLF Pickseed products have been a part of our farm for 8 years. The reason we deal with DLF Pickseed is the expert advice and quality products. This has allowed us to spend more quality time with our family. The cattle now work for us and not the other way around.”

Reid Ranching ~ Bev, Derrick and Family ~ Hafford, SK

"We have trusted Pickseed’s products and the people who sell them to fit the forage needs of our dairy operation for two generations."  

   Early Rise Jerseys ~ Neil & Linda Wideman ~ West Montrose, ON

“Don’t cheap out on your alfalfa seed because you’re putting it in the ground and depending on it for three years.”  Coneybeare manages his forages on a three cut system and is pleased with the performance of Pickseed’s Vision alfalfa. “Vision really takes off from late bud to early flower – that’s when I get the yield I want and it maintains its’ feed quality.””

Conlee Farms Ltd. ~ Ralph Coneybeare ~ Listowel, ON