Customer Service Standards - Building a culture of trust


Customers can expect and trust professional advice and support


Customers can expect delivery of quality products and friendly service


Customers can expect accurate information and added value working with us

We believe that product performance begins long before the seed hits the ground

Trust is essential to the success of any business and DLF Pickseed works hard to maintain strong, long term relationships with employees, suppliers, and customers. We've worked to develop a corporate culture that is built on respect, teamwork and professional growth. As a result, the people who come to work here tend to stay; some for their entire careers. 

This high degree of mutual commitment and respect is evident in our relationships with producers and distributors as well. We rely heavily on these partners, and value their involvement in everything from product to development to marketing. We equip our distributors with comprehensive training, product and application information and technical support. 

We're proud of the people and relationships that make up DLF Pickseed. The knowledge, expertise, loyalty, friendship and trust they bring are essential to our ability to deliver value to our customers, and to our continued success.